Our Medical Spa, located in Toronto’s prestigious Yorkville neighbourhood, utilizes cutting-edge techniques to enhance your appearance and improve overall skin health.

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Surgical Precision and an Eye for Beauty

To achieve the best results, our approach is as unique as you are. Our doctors and surgeons are trained to administer medical aesthetics with surgical precision. We analyze each patient’s unique facial features, then combine this analysis with their goals to customize natural looking enhancements.

Skin & Facials

Your skin, and especially your facial complexion, is the most visible and expressive part of you. Put your best face forward with our extensive services to address a wide-range of skin and face concerns.

Eyes & Forehead

Often the areas where signs of aging begin, treating the eyes and forehead can take years off your face. We believe in a combination of skincare and treatments such as Botox and filler to lift, brighten and smooth your complexion.

Neck & Jawline

At SKN, we use a combination of Botox, Fillers and Belkyra™ to slim the face, add dimension to the jawline and smooth the neck. Belkyra™ is an innovative product used to reduce fat stored under the jawline and reduce a “double chin” without surgery. Every face is different and requires an assessment to see if injectables or surgery is the best to help you reach your goals.

Lips & Mouth

A full, balanced lip and smile can often make the best impression. At SKN, it is always a priority to help elevate your natural beauty without looking overdone. We use a combination of Botox and Fillers to help our clients reduce marionette and smile lines, botox to relax the upper lip muscle to even a gummy smile and the ever-popular lip enhancement to add or restore volume in the lip using fillers.

Nose & Cheeks

Noses can be slimmed or balanced using filler to give beautiful results without the need for surgery. Cheek fillers are often used to contour, add dimension and improve facial proportions for patients both young and old.


As we age, our hands lose volume and collagen and are often a place that reveals unsightly signs of aging, or can be a source of frustration for those suffering from excessive sweating. We offer solutions to rejuvenate the hands, as well as address moist palms that suffer from hyperhidrosis.

About Us

SKN believes in enhancement over alteration. Each individual’s natural beauty should be amplified through innovative skincare, medical aesthetics and surgery. It is not about changing and altering, but enhancing and maintaining your best version of yourself. We pride ourselves on this belief and advise patients through this lens.

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