02 / 04 / 2020

Clear + Brilliant Laser in Toronto / Yorkville

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the old adage goes. This is especially true when it comes to our skin. Supercharged skin is more resilient, heals more efficiently, and radiates good health. With the rise in popularity of preventative treatments such as “baby Botox,” there have never been more options for slowing the hands of time and looking and feeling your best.

Not ready for invasive ablative laser treatments? Is a facelift too much but your “glow” still leaves something to be desired?  No time for “downtime”? The Clear + Brilliant laser can tighten pores, smooth fine lines, and brighten tone and texture gradually and effectively.

What is Clear + Brilliant Laser in Toronto?

While the preventative approach is not a new concept, our improved methods of providing them are. The beauty of the Clear+Brilliant laser is that although it offers little-to-no downtime for most people, you can still see visible results with just one treatment. A light topical numbing cream is applied and left on for twenty minutes prior to treatment to ensure the most comfortable experience. The treatment itself takes anywhere from fifteen to twenty minutes. It is quite a comfortable treatment with most people describing it as feeling like a light static feeling. A vitamin C and E serum, enriched with Matrixyl peptides are added to the treatment for added brightening, reparative, and antioxidant benefits. 

What to expect with Clear +Brilliant Laser

Immediately after treatment the skin looks and feels as though you have a light sunburn which subsides by the end of the day. The very next day the skin feels dry and rough in texture, much like fine coffee grounds or sandpaper. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize for the next several days to facilitate healing. Sunscreen use is especially important. Patients often ask if anyone will notice that they have just had a laser treatment done. While your skin may feel rough to the touch, it is not visible to those around you and you are free to go to work and continue normal activities as long as they do not include any type of heat or exfoliation being applied to the skin.

Things to avoid doing after Clear +Brilliant Laser

You should abstain from other skin treatments including injectables, regular facials, waxing, electrolysis, microblading, and other laser treatments for two weeks. It is advisable to refrain from exercising, saunas, or jacuzzis for 48 hours post-treatment.  Avoid unprotected sun exposure and tanning beds as a regular rule of practice! While tempting, do not scrub, pick, or exfoliate the skin at all. In about a week, the majority of the “sandpapery” feeling will be gone on its own. 

Results for Clear + Brilliant Laser

You should notice baby-smooth skin emerging gradually about 1-2 weeks after your Clear + Brilliant laser treatment.  While the Clear + Brilliant laser treatments are ideally done in a series of six for maximum results the refined feeling and texture of your skin is evident from your very first session! Many patients report their skin having an “airbrushed” or “filtered” appearance, noticing the improved texture, diminished fine lines, tightened pores, and a more vibrant lively complexion while wearing little to no makeup after completing the Clear + Brilliant program. 

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Instead of covering with makeup – reveal with the Clear + Brilliant laser. Prevent, restore and strengthen for your healthiest, smoothest, brightest skin. Contact us today to learn more click here.

Contact us today to learn more click here.

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