Facial Slimming

Facial Slimming In Toronto

Located on either side of the jaw, strong masseters (or jaw muscles) can create a square and unattractively wide face. Botox® relaxes the muscles in the lateral jaw for a slimmer and softer profile. Serving the Toronto area. 

Treatment Benefits

– Slimmer face

– Improved overall appearance

– Look younger

– Boost confidence


Will my treatment be painful?

There is usually minimal to no discomfort with this procedure. We will do everything in our power to help you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Are the results permanent?

No. Botox for masseters is usually effective for about 6 months before requiring a maintenance appointment to see continued results.

How long will my appointment take?

The facial slimming appointment is a quick procedure, only between 5–10 minutes.