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Facials & Peels In Toronto

At SKN Yorkville, we offer a range of customized facials and chemical peels as quick, effective and therapeutic non-invasive solutions for your skin issues. Our Hydrafacial MD® facials use advanced vortex technology to simultaneously
 exfoliate, cleanse, extract, and hydrate for radiant and rejuvenated skin. Our medical-grade chemical peels help to reveal healthy, rejuvenated skin. Reach out and book a consultation to discuss the best options for you and your skin.

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Our team is a  diverse and talented group of individuals who bring a wealth of experience, creativity, and expertise to our collective efforts.

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Treatment Benefits

– A wide range of non-invasive procedures to match most skin concerns and skin types

– Safe and effective alternative to invasive surgery with little to no recovery time

– Healthier skin, happier you

Facials And Peels FAQ

Are facials and peels safe?

Our experienced team of physicians and care providers are here to make sure everything goes smoothly. We will work with you to design a custom treatment plan that chooses the best solutions for your skin. All of our treatments have been tested to ensure the safety of our patients.

Are Dermalinfusion® Facials or chemical peels painful?

Most patients find Dermalinfusion and our chemical peels to be virtually painless. However, some have reported a mild tightening and tingling sensation. The infusion of the gentle and soothing moisturizing topicals leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed.

How long will the treatment results last?

Each person is unique and because of that, treatment results vary. Some people have permanent results while others may require further treatment. We will discuss this with you when we decide on an appropriate, customized treatment plan.

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