Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement

Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement In Toronto

One of the most defining features on our face, chins provide structure and beauty to the face. Many people suffer from an under-projected or undefined chin. Smoothing, defining, and balancing your chin can create the facial harmony that you have always wanted. At SKN, we use the highest grade hyaluronic acid dermal fillers offering a safe and effective alternative to surgical implants. Serving the Toronto area. 

Treatment Options

Treatment Benefits

– More defined chin

– Improved chin projection

– Improved balance and symmetry

– Chin dimple correction

– Enhances overall appearance

– Boosts confidence


Will my treatment be painful?

This is a relatively painless procedure, although some mild discomfort should be expected. We will do everything in our power to help you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

What can I expect at my chin enhancement appointment?

At your consultation visit we will discuss what results you’re hoping for and how we can help you get the chin you have always wanted. When it’s time for your treatment, a topical numbing cream may be applied to the target area prior to the injection. Small amounts of filler will then be administered to ensure control over both amount and location. Once the injections are complete, you will have a chance to discuss the results with us until you are satisfied with what you see.

Are the results permanent?

No, fillers will eventually be broken down and naturally expelled by the body. Depending on the product used, results may last between months and years.

How long will my appointment take?

The non-surgical chin enhancement is a quick procedure, only between 15–30 minutes.

How long will the treatment results last?

Although the surgical procedure may produce permanent results, it comes with many risks including risk of permanent damage, infection, and the possibility that the implants may move over time.nTreatment Benefitsn– More defined chinn– Improved chin projectionn– Improved balance and symmetryn– Chin dimple correctionn– Enhances overall appearancen– Boosts confidence