Clear + Brilliant® Laser

Clear + Brilliant® Laser

The Clear + Brilliant laser represents a new generation of laser technology. It is a fractionated non-ablative laser that offers little-to-no downtime for most individuals. It was developed with the busy professional in mind. It is also great for younger patients that want to prevent the signs of aging and maintain a healthy glow to their skin.

Clear + Brilliant has been shown in clinical studies to:
-Improve the look of fine lines
-Reduce the appearance of pores
-Improve skin tone and texture
-Improve skin’s overall appearance


What is Clear + Brilliant?
The Clear + Brilliant laser is a unique skincare treatment that uses fractional laser technology to address the early signs of aging skin and help prevent them.
How does Clear + Brilliant work?
The Clear + Brilliant laser is gentle and refreshes your skin from the inside out. The laser works by creating microscopic treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin, replacing damaged skin with healthy tissue, for younger looking skin.
What is Clear + Brilliant Perméa?
The Clear + Brilliant Perméa handpiece treatment is optimized for improved skin tone and texture and enhanced skin permeability for added benefits of topical skincare products when applied immediately after treatment. This treatment integrates the elements of your skincare regimen to create comprehensive results.
What is the difference between the original Clear + Brilliant and the Clear + Brilliant Perméa?
Each of the Clear + Brilliant laser treatment offerings serves a unique purpose. The Clear + Brilliant Perméa laser treatment offers visible enhancements in tone and radiance, while the original Clear + Brilliant laser treatment is optimized to improve your skin’s texture. During a consultation, we can formulate the best treatment plan for you.
What does the Clear + Brilliant procedure feel like?
Most patients describe a pricking feeling and an increased sensation of heat during the treatment.
• For the original Clear + Brilliant laser treatment - topical anesthetic ointment may be applied before the procedure. Afterwards, you may have mild redness and swelling, which typically subside within a few hours.
• For the Clear + Brilliant Perméa laser treatment – topical anesthetic is not required but is usually used. A topical skincare product, such as an antioxidant serum, will be applied to each treatment area after the treatment is administered. This combination approach is used to address post-treatment skin responses such as redness and swelling.
Who can benefit from Clear + Brilliant treatments?
Clear + Brilliant treatments are great for women and men who are looking to prevent and fight the early signs of aging, or people who want to maintain their youthful appearance.
What kind of results can I expect?
Your skin will feel softer and have improved tone for a youthful, more radiant glow. Clear + Brilliant treatments can help:
• Prevent the signs of aging
• Improve the look of fine lines
• Improve skin tone and texture
• Minimize the appearance of pores
• Improve your skin’s overall appearance
When do the results appear, and how long do they last?
Treatment results are both immediate and progressive. A few days after the treatment, your skin will start to feel softer, look brighter, and show more even tone. With each successive treatment, the results will become more noticeable. Results can last for months depending on your age, skin condition, and skin care and protection regimen.
What will I look like immediately after the procedure?
Clear + Brilliant laser treatments are very gentle. You may experience mild redness and subtle inflammation immediately after treatment. These generally resolve within a few hours, but may last until the following day.
How long is the treatment?
Clear + Brilliant laser treatments take about 20 minutes to complete. We ask that you reserve one hour for your appointment.
How many treatments will I need?
The number of treatments is tailored to your concerns and skincare desires. In recent studies, consumers reported visible improvements after 4-6 treatments, though many patients choose to have routine treatments as part of their overall skin care regimen. Your skin care provider will discuss a personalized treatment regimen with you.
Can I get Clear + Brilliant treatments if I’ve already had other procedures?
Clear + Brilliant treatments may be complementary to most cosmetic procedures, like fillers or even Botox®. Talk to your doctor to learn more about combining Clear + Brilliant treatments with other procedures.
How much does the Clear + Brilliant treatment cost?
Our current pricing is as follows:

1) Single treatment sessions are $399+tax.
2) A package of 6 sessions is $2100+tax.

20 min




Most people can experience mild redness and swelling for up to 12 hours.



Clear + Brilliant® Laser is Used to Treat

Eyes & Forehead


Lips & Mouth

Neck & Jawline

Nose & Cheeks

Skin & Facials