08 / 02 / 2020

Changing Weather Means Changing Up our Skincare Routines


As pumpkin spice lattes and oversized scarves draw closer the change of seasons is in the air.   As with changing our clothes, it’s important to remember changing our skincare as well. The lower temperatures mean less humidity, less sweating  and less air conditioning, but what does this mean for your skin?

Step-by-step guide winter skincare routine

Spending more time indoors changes the playing field our skin spends the majority of its time in, venturing outside in colder weather exposes it to drying winds.  Lets walk through a step-by step guide to swapping out summer staples for transitional weather must-haves. 

Step 1) Cleanser : 

A squeaky clean gel cleanser is ideal for whisking away excess sebum however a milky or creamy cleanser not only cleanses your skin but also adds moisture to keep the all-important step one from drying our your skin

Step 2) Serum :

Time to undo any damage left over from summer fun! A nourishing serum with an active vitamin C will not only moisturize your skin but help to combat any hyperpigmenation that has been brought out by sunny days by the pool.

Step 3) Moisturizer :

A richer moisturizer that provides an occlusive barrier is just what the doctor ordered! What we want to do is apply a light barrier to the skin that will  still allow our skin to breath. Ingredients like honey, niacinamide and ceramide all do a fantastic job at providing skin nutrition and gives skin the extra boost that it needs in the drier months. 

Step 4) SPF :

Because if it’s not nighttime the sun is out! The absence of heat is not the absence of UV rays and it’s is hugely important to wear SPF of at least 30 365 days year! The HEV lighting that we get from our computer screens, cell phones, fluorescent light and anything with a screen causes premature hyper pigmentation so being inside all day does not mean we are not exposed to harmful rays.  A hydrating physical block sunscreen will not only keep your skin protected but add an extra dose of moisture throughout the day. 

Step 5) : Medical grade

A professional medical grade facial or chemical peel will help to undo months of summer fun damage and help repair stressed out skin. A papaya-based enzyme mask, a refining lactic acid solution and a rebalancing treatment will set your skin up for success to glow and prepare for the coming months. Begin with a Visia Skin Analysis to properly asses the state of your skin to ensure the most effective treatments and products are recommended. 

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