07 / 11 / 2023

What To Expect Before, During, And After IPL PhotoFacial Treatment

What Is IPL PhotoFacial Treatment?

IPL PhotoFacial treatment is a skin treatment that uses pulsed light therapy to reduce the signs of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other signs of skin damage. The procedure can take years off your appearance and give you a more youthful and fresh look. IPL can also help produce an even skin tone and texture as it stimulates new collagen growth.

The process of restoring natural beauty is initiated as the light energy heats the upper layers of the skin. Additionally, the natural blending of colours and elimination of fine vessels work to make a vibrant and younger-looking you. The procedure is considered a safe and effective treatment with proven results.

What To Expect And How To Prepare Before Treatment

While the IPL treatment is less invasive than most procedures, specific guidelines should be followed before the treatment for the best results. These include:

  • Keep sun exposure to a minimum. This also includes tanning beds. Exposure could increase your risk of burns, pigmentation changes, and scarring.
  • Do not use self-tanners for at least four weeks before the procedure.

What Happens During IPL PhotoFacial Treatment

When the aesthetician begins the session, you will be wearing protective eyewear while lying down on the procedure table. After the treatment area is cleansed, a gel will be applied to your skin, and the handheld IPL device will deliver pulsations over your skin. The Cynosure Icon IPL is the device being used. It is among the best IPL systems to address brown spots and redness. During the process, you may feel a little bit of warmth and mild discomfort. The treatments should last under 30 minutes.

What To Expect After Treatment

Once the treatment is completed, you may feel some mild discomfort as well as redness and swelling. This is normal and will only last for a few hours or days. Temporary avoidance of sunlight is also a requirement, as it will protect your skin from any further damage.

To maximize results, it is best to follow the protocols outlined by your aesthetician. Perform all of the post-care treatments outlined in your outpatient guide. Keep your skin moisturized and free of irritants and exfoliants, which can cause even more peeling. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and drink plenty of water.

You may need more treatments in the weeks to come. It all depends on your age, skin damage, and other factors. In most cases, the treatments are scheduled about four weeks apart. The average recipient of the IPL has optimal results after two to three treatments.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in the IPL PhotoFacial skin treatment, contact us to schedule a consultation today. Our specialists at SKN Yorkville in Toronto, ON, look forward to helping you achieve the youthful, natural glow you deserve.

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