31 / 01 / 2023

Why Botox Should Be Part of Your Beauty Routine

Everybody wants to maintain healthy, youthful, and glowing skin. Unfortunately, the skin loses elasticity and can begin to sag, wrinkle, and show more lines due to aging, sun damage, diet, and other environmental factors.

While skincare routines and products can help to rejuvenate the skin to an extent, Botox has become one of the most popular nonsurgical procedures to maintain a youthful look. Botox is an FDA-Approved injectable made from Botulinum toxin that helps reduce facial wrinkles and lines.

About Botox In Toronto

Botox can be used to soften the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines, frown lines, drooping eyebrows, lip lines, neck bands or cords, chin dimpling, nasal bunny lines, gummy smiles, and even help define the jawline.

It works by blocking the signals that cause muscles to contract, meaning the injected muscles become relaxed or weakened temporarily. The decreased contractions in these muscles can reduce fine lines or wrinkles, leaving you with more youthful appearing skin.

Botox can also be used for restorative or preventive uses. Preventive use means it is used to prevent fine lines from forming in the first place. Whether you are choosing Botox for preventative reasons or to soften established lines, our team will create a customized Botox treatment for your specific needs depending on your goals, your current skin condition, and your budget. You will also receive detailed advice and tips on taking care of your face after the procedure to reduce side effects and get the best results.

You should start noticing the procedure’s effects a few days after getting it, but the full results will show up within two weeks. While results can last for three to four months, this does vary on multiple factors such as dose, area treated, and individual differences.

Complementing Botox With an Effective Skincare Routine

Since Botox results are temporary, It can be helpful to implement a healthy skincare routine to help you maintain the results longer. Below are some useful tips:

  • Protect your skin from sun damage and photo-aging by wearing appropriate sunscreen daily and wearing protective hats on sunny days
  • Use gentle facial cleansing products, oils, and serums
  • Keep your skin hydrated
  • Remove makeup before sleeping
  • Avoid using very hot water to clean your face

You can also ask us about our medical-grade skincare products which can help to combat aging. Our team will be happy to create a customized skincare routine for your anti-aging goals.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about Botox and whether you are a good candidate, contact SKN Yorkville in Toronto, ON, Canada, to schedule a consultation today.

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